“Our Facades Give Your Portable Building A Very, Very Unique Look.”

Imagine this, you, the owner of a construction company, or you, the head purchasing officer, rather than the prime real estate facing the busy road, take up a couple of blank portable buildings; you have added your own façade to give your building site ‘wow’ and also create sales for the new project.

Or what about this,

You, the home owner, want a Portable Building at home, but you want something that gives you a little difference – how about a façade to match the style of your house, or perhaps tropical themes in your yard? Or what about a log cabin?

Now it truly is possible! When ordering your new Portable Building you can choose form one of our façades.

Check them out and tell us which one you want on you new Portable Building by calling us on 0424 773 395 or filling in the form above.