“Make Sure You Know What You’re
Getting For Your Money With Your New
Adelaide Portable Building.

Each Adelaide Portable Building is carefully assembled using the finest and strongest components on the market.

This sheet shows you how others remove up to 30% of the building to cut costs and yet pretend you are getting an ‘apples for apples’ building.

Below is just a snippet of some of the places our competitors cut corners and costs.

It is a well-known fact in the portable building industry that mass-produced portable buildings do not last and require constant repairs.

The list below does not include cost cutting measure such as

  • Items made in China
  • Labour supplied by unqualified labourers
  • Thinner steel walls
  • And many other items other manufactures use to chop costs
Skid base250 UB 31.2mm150 PFC
Flooring19mm yellow tongue T&G flooring15mm F14 T&G
Joist Spacing450mm611mm
Floor Covering 2mm vinyl1.5mm vinyl
Stud Centres600mm611mm
Roof Frame Centres600mm611mm
Internal Walling 3.6mm Ply coated3.6mm Ply coated

As you can see, 6 out of 7 times, our buildings exceed the competitors’, that’s more materials and labour gone into your Adelaide Portable Building.

Ultimately, ask yourself this…

Do you really want to spend your money on a portable building that has had every conceivable part chopped out of it to make it cheaper???

It’s really like choosing a Ford Laser or a Ford Falcon, they both get you from ‘a’ to ‘b’ but they are clearly not the same.

Either way, the choice is yours … remember at Adelaide Portable Buildings, we are here to help and to provide you with the best value product for your money.

Call us on 0424 773 395 to go through questions you may have and take the right steps forward towards your Adelaide Portable Building.