“10 Advantages of An Adelaide Portable Building
or Granny Flat”

There’s a lot of choice, frustration and uncertainty when it comes to choosing a portable building service, so it is easy to understand how tempting it is to go for a cheaper option.

One of the great things about owing an Adelaide Portable Building is that they are designed and manufactured with moving in mind.

This ‘pick up and move’ portability is what a lot of our customers love, as they can relocate one of our buildings very quickly and easily either to their next site or project stage of their development, or even when they move home.

In fact, we have super strong, over engineered bases, which give you extra strength and support when moving. Sure, it costs a little extra for quality, but hey surely you want your portable building to last!

All our Granny Flats and other Portable Buildings are made from high quality steel, and for good reason.

Steel is strong, durable and will outlast timber portable buildings, and with our team of welding craftsmen welding our frames and Portable Buildings together, you’re assured of a quality product with flawless craftsmanship.

Many low price portable buildings or second hand portable buildings have timber frames – Adelaide Portable Buildings makes sure you don’t lose your resale value by purchasing a second rate building; the buildings we supply give you a first class structure that will last for years.

Another great benefit about an Adelaide Portable Building is that because of their steel frames, they’re also termite and fire resistant, lightweight, attractive and extremely strong.

If you are out in the bush, this gives you peace of mind when you are staying in an Adelaide Portable Building.

Whether you’re a novice, a bit of a handyman or have a team of experienced tradesmen at your disposal, Adelaide Portable Buildings can be delivered to you in either flat-pack or pre-assembled form.

In fact, many of customers who’ve bought an Adelaide Portable Building construct it themselves using our easy-read construction manual that comes with every portable building we make.

Hi Matt,
“I found buying and erecting one of your portable buildings really easy. I bought one and put it on my acreage property, and now I have rented it out to a lovely couple who pay me $300 a week, so I get weekly cash flow and a passive income from it.
“Putting it together was far easier than I thought it would be. It all came together really well and I didn’t even have to struggle with the joints. The welds and the entire building feel really strong; we get some pretty wild weather out here and my tenants haven’t said anything to me except that the house is fine.
“My Adelaide Portable Building was a great buy that’s also giving me regular cash flow and positive returns. Thanks” Bill Hamilton, South Australia

Whether you have a lot of space or a limited space, Adelaide Portable Buildings gives you a great short and long term investment strategy without having the high price or high set up costs.

And if you already own your own home, an acreage property or have extra room on an existing investment rental property, installing an Adelaide Portable Building and receiving the extra income a portable Building or Granny Flat gives you by renting it out couldn’t be easier or more profitable.

Want a bit of extra space, a stepping-stone for your son or daughter to their first home, a guest house or a place where your grandparents can stay?

Is your staff working in cramped and crowded conditions and your projects suffering because of that?

These are just some of the cases that an Adelaide Portable Building solves for people and businesses.

Adelaide Portable Buildings provides the perfect solution to this growing problem, and with a range of standard sizes, accessories and added lifestyle options to suit your lifestyle, we’re sure to have a solution for you.

The great thing about an Adelaide Portable Building is that it allows more than one use. It can be used for a rumpus room, a retreat for you and your partner, then on the same day you can use it to accommodate some unexpected overnight guests if you’re pushed for room inside the house.

You can also rent them out or help your kids or grandparents, and they make great accommodation for mining communities and working farms.

So, whatever your need or purpose is, you can be sure your Adelaide Portable Building is not only attractive, its adds value to your business or home, and if you move, you can take it with you or sell it for a great price.

At Adelaide Portable Buildings your needs, wants and desires are important to us.

With the smallest of our portable buildings being 6m x 3m, and the largest being 12m x 3m, we ship our quality steel portable buildings to residents, businesses and corporate all over Australia.

And while we are updating our range and options continuously, we have all the expertise, skills and systems in place that give you an Adelaide Portable Building that you’ll be proud to call your own.

With Australia’s place on the world map growing rapidly as a nation with strengths in exporting, importing, agriculture and of course mining, more and more development is taking place in its coastal and remote areas.

With that in mind and to serve our customers with the highest quality portable housing and buildings available, Adelaide Portable Buildings come standard with cyclone rating for safety and security of your loved ones and any business’s biggest asset, which is, it’s staff and people.

With years of experience in designing and supplying portable steel framed buildings, our buildings are engineered to be the ‘best they can be’.

Whether you have a corporate, business or personal need, give us a call on 0402 031 736 or fill in the form at the top of the page today to find out how easily a Adelaide Portable Building gives more space at your home, building or mining site, acreage or development site.