“Option Extras For Portable Buildings”

We have wide range of customers, some customers like to purchase their Portable Building as standard, then DIY the rest, but others like it all done for them, so here are some of the options you can ad:

  • Optional insulation – insulation of your walls gives you warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
  • Optional wiring – we can wire up your new Portable Building however you like. We do also have a standard electrical pack that includes one light, two power points and one circuit box – juts ask when you order.
  • Optional interior lining – we can add Gyprock interior lining to your new Portable Building so when it arrives it is ready to go.
  • Optional air conditioning – we can add an optional air conditioning unit to your Portable Building so you will stay cool and cosy in summer and winter.
  • Optional sliding door – why not add even more light with an optional sliding door to your new Portable Building?
  • Optional extra windows – add windows wherever you like.
  • Optional kitchenette – a sink, cupboards and drawers make your life easy onsite or at home.
  • Optional shower – our inbuilt shower module gives you a home away from home, and a fully contained Portable Building.
  • Optional toilet – with or without a show, we can add a toilet to your Portable Building, so when your new building arrives, it’s ready to go.
  • Custom options – just let us know what you want; we will do our best to help.

Adelaide Portable buildings, the only portable build that gives you an instant solution to your space problems – call us today on 0424 773 395 or fill in the form at the top of the page for instant pricing and free info package.

Need a portable build for a particular project – lease with easy weekly payments

Have you just started a new project ??

Perhaps you are a builder on a new site

Perhaps you are a home owner that has just bought a large parcel of land and you want to condifer your choices before building

Or maybe you have a event on and you need a portable building just for a short dspace of time

No matter what your need we are here to help you.

Here’s just some of the buildings available for rent

  • Dongas
  • Site offices
  • Sit accommodation
  • Lunch rooms
  • Site sheds
  • Granny flats

All these buildings are available in a variety of floor plans.

To organize your new lifestyle building for lease call us on 0424 773 395 or fill in form above