“I’m in charge of sourcing and buying accommodation housing for various mining companies throughout Australia. I see a lot of poor portable housing in my travels and a lot of good portable accommodation suppliers. For my boss’s money and quality, you can’t beat a Adelaide Portable Building solution.”

Greg Gantz, Mining Accommodation Supplier

“Thanks, Adelaide Portable Buildings! The 9m x 3m Granny Flat I ordered arrived and it is now up and being rented out to a lovely young couple that is just starting out in life. Best of all, it’s bringing in $375 a week in rent and has made it much easier for Betty and me to splurge a little on ourselves in our golden years.”

Jim and Betty Swansee, Victoria

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to rent out! We ordered a 6 x 3 granny flat, had it in 4 weeks. My husband’s not the best handyman, but he and a few mates put it up over a long weekend without any hassle and now it’s being rented for $310 a week.

“As first time acreage owners doing the lifestyle change thing that extra cash sure is coming in handy, and we have someone to keep an eye on things when we have to go into the city for a day or two for business. A great buy, a great investment, and I want to buy another one.”

Cheers, Sarah and Michael McConney, Rockhampton, Qld

“You know, you hear all about these DIY Granny Flat kits and think they must be a bit dodgy, but I got to say the Granny Flat I bought from Adelaide Portable Buildings is anything but dodgy!

“I bought an ‘off the shelf’ 9m x 3m one but then I got them to put a bath and toilet in mine, and although I’m not living in it, my mother in law is and she loves it!

“I’d also like to add that I was surprised and happy how easy it was to put up. It all fitted together easily and I didn’t even have to go to a hardware store to get any additional bits ‘n pieces, which I was really happy about. Everything they said I would get when I ordered I got.

“Over the moon with my purchase, now I’m just wondering if I should be charging my mother in law for rent! Ha ha. Wonderful purchase, service the way it should be, and a great product for a great price.”

Bill Masterson, WA

“With a growing Bed and Breakfast business it came down to turning income and guests away or creating more accommodation for them. Well, turning income away isn’t right, so we bought five Granny Flats from Adelaide Portable Buildings and couldn’t be happier.

“The guests love them, they’re cosy and quaint. We did modify them a bit, but that wasn’t a problem for Adelaide Portable Buildings.

“With the extra 5 Granny Flat accommodation houses, we have increased our occupation rates and our income by about $5,500 a month on average. We’ve got plenty of room left on the property too, so plans are in the works to buy another five just before the end of the financial year. A great move for a growing business. Bye for now.”

Dottie and Max Thompson, Tasmania